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App engagement analytics

Using analytics to increase app engagement means to utilize data to make proper decisions. User behavior statistics can help make decisions regarding the app design and features. This allows to make data driven decisions and helps to predict future outcomes with improved accuracy.

Advantages of having user tracking analytics

Some of the advantages of having user tracking (analytics) in an application are as follows:

  • Understand the Return On Investment of mobile marketing endeavors.
  • Measure what matters and what works.
  • Perform ad-hoc (as necessary) investigative analysis of mobile activity.
  • Optimize your mobile campaigns and cater to your users’ needs.
  • Understand the role of the mobile application in your customer journey and increase revenue.
  • Understand user behavior, and gather accurate data to make data driven decisions.
  • Helps to segment user categories and paves a road towards personalized app experience and custom notifications.

Analytics tools

Free tools such as Google Analytics, a service from Yahoo called Flurry or Facebook Analytics are handy to receive information and analytics data. Facebook Analytics is not a complete solution in itself, however.

Thus, using Google Analytics or Flurry along with Facebook Analytics as these data will come in handy while building marketing strategies as well as planning for further updates on the mobile application. We have analytics integrated into our applications and they have been allowing us to grow faster.

Want us to help you make your app awesome, we can assist in increasing engagement, increasing revenue and helping in app discovery!

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