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Confidentiality Policy of Gurkha Technology

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Commitment to Confidentiality:

Gurkha Technology prioritizes the preservation of client information and strategies through various means:

Non-Disclosure: All employees and contractors are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) upon joining Gurkha Technology to emphasize the significance of confidentiality and restrict the disclosure of client information.

Limited Access: Access to confidential information is limited to individuals who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities, following the principle of “need to know.”

Third-Party Obligations: Third parties engaged by Gurkha Technology, such as vendors and subcontractors, are also required to comply with confidentiality policy agreements and maintain high standards of data protection.

Handling of Confidential Information:

Employees, contractors, and third parties are expected to follow specific guidelines when dealing with confidential information:

Secure Storage: Confidential data must be securely stored, both physically and electronically, to prevent unauthorized access or theft.

Transmission: When transmitting confidential information electronically, secure channels like encrypted email should be utilized.

Sharing: Confidential information should only be shared with authorized individuals for legitimate business purposes.

Reporting and Violations:

Any breach of this Confidentiality Policy must be promptly reported to the designated authority within Gurkha Technology. Reports can be made confidentially without fear of retaliation. Violations may lead to disciplinary action, including termination, and potential legal consequences.

Duration of Confidentiality Policy:

The duty to maintain confidentiality extends even after the termination of employment or contractual agreements with Gurkha Technology. Individuals are required to protect client information and uphold the terms of their non-disclosure agreements post-association with the company.

Compliance with Legal Obligations:

Gurkha Technology will comply with all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of confidential information. In the case of a legal request for disclosure, the company will strive to inform affected parties while meeting legal obligations.

Review and Updates:

This Confidentiality Policy is subject to periodic review and updates by Gurkha Technology’s management to ensure continued effectiveness and alignment with industry standards and legal requirements. All employees, contractors, and third parties are expected to diligently uphold the principles outlined in this policy to avoid potential legal actions.

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