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When to use your mobile phone camera?

Cameras have always been a fancy tech. The camera allows you to capture a special moment in time and keep it forever. (As long as you keep it safely stored). With the evolution of mobile phones, the camera has managed to keep itself in the centre stage of the mobile phone ecosystem. I am certain anyone reading this has a phone with a camera that takes pictures and records videos. But with great power comes greater responsibility. So we’ve prepared a list of when and when not to use your mobile camera.

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(Picture : Monkeys using cameras)
When to use your mobile camera?

  1. When you want to capture a beautiful moment of friends, family at private places or events under everyone’s consent.
  2. When you see a breathtaking scene that you would like to capture and keep as a memory.
  3. When you want to scan some documents belonging to you and store them or convert them into text.
  4. When you want to Scan a QR code
  5. When you want to to check if your tv remote has run out of battery. ( Try it -> Test if your remote control sends an infrared (IR) signal | Sony USA)

When to not use your mobile phone camera?

  1. When the scene is none of your concern.
  2. When there is a road accident and you want to post it on your social media. ( unless you are the investigating officer)
  3. When in other people’s private spaces.
  4. When in public areas where people may get disturbed if you start using your camera.
  5. When people you don’t know appear in the photo if it’s taken.
  6. When you want to serve instant justice to the victim by making the accused viral. Case closed my lord!viber image 2022 03 08 10 33 34 711
  7. When there are other important things that you can do. Things that may save somebody or help you not die.
  8. When you want to capture pictures of people you don’t know. (without consent)
  9. When you want to snap a dead body. ( unless you are the investigating officer.)
  10. When you want to scan a random QR code and do not know what lies ahead.
  11. When the batteries are sure shot dead, you have already bitten it several times. We would recommend you replace a battery in this case. Click here to buy batteries in case you need some. ( Man! if only we could get an affiliate link)
  12. When at Vicky-Katrina Wedding. Comment below if you attended.

Knowledge and wisdom are two sides of the same coin. Knowledge and wisdom may even be two different coins. Whatever they are, they should exist together in harmony. To know how to make a bomb is knowledge. Kudos to you for all the chemistry research. To know you should not use to kill people is wisdom. Owning a 108 mega-pixel quad zoom octa-tetra-pack pro max or any other 1.3 mega-pixel unit that takes pictures is always cool. This is your knowledge. Making sure you use it for the right cause will make you the coolest. You have the wisdom now. Happy clicking.
The END.
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