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Free Maghe Sankranti Posts

We understand the need to keep social media update and keep your audience engaged. Hence, we created these graphics for you that you can use as your post for the festival. Don't forget to mention us, we would be glad to hear from you. Happy Maghe Sankranti and enjoy...

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What is new in iOS 11?

WWDC 2017 has brought a whole lot of new possibilities for the apple ecosystem. A massive collections of powerful features like ARKit, PDFKit, MusicKit, drag and drop controller and much more are announced. iOS 11 has introduced complex functionalities those not all...

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आफ्ना भोटरहरुलाई फेसबुकमा भेट्नु होस्

फेसबुक पेज खोल्नु होस् तपाई सरकारी कर्मचारी हुनुहोस वा कार्यलय अभिभारा सम्हाल्न पहिलो पल्ट चुनावमा सहभागी हुने क्रममा हुनुहोस, फेसबुकमा पेज हुनुले तपाईंलाई निकै सहयोग गर्छ। फेसबुक प्रयोगकर्ताको संख्या नेपालमा बढ्दो छ, हाम्रो पुर्व तथ्यांक अनुसार नेपालमा मासिक ५-६ लाख...

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चुनाव र सामाजिक संजाल

सामाजिक संजालहरु प्रचलनमा आएको धेरै भै सकेको छ, यूरोपियन युनियनको जनमतसंग्रह र अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपतिको निर्वाचन हुनु भन्दा पहिलेनै सामाजिक संजालको पकड विश्व जनसमुदायको माझ ब्याप्त थियो। यसको प्रभाव स्पष्ट रुपमा बेलायतले यूरोपियन युनियन छाड्नेकि नछाड्ने भन्ने...

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Six Top Memories from Rio Olympics 2016

Rio olympics 2016 amazing facts Top Six Memories from Rio Olympics 2016 Yusra Mardini is a Syrian swimmer currently living in Berlin, Germany. She is a member of the Refugee Olympic Athletes Team, competing under the Olympic flag at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de...

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Getting Listed on Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the service of Apple inc. The official name of the service is Apple Maps Connect. The following steps need to be taken to enlist a business in Apple Maps. Login to apple maps with your apple account Either you create one or you use your existing apple...

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Being Deaf in Nepal

Different organizations have been working on aiding deaf people on Nepal. This report highlights a few of them and addresses what can be done to ease the lives of deaf people, here and elsewhere. This report was created at Gurkha Technologies by Arjan KC, compiled...

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Social Networks in Nepal

With the growth in internet penetration, Nepal has seen a rise in social network users. The social network users in Nepal are of increasing numbers exponentially and Nepal has its own social network startups too. Below we enumerate a few names in the social network...

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Guess what?? We have a blog now!!

Hey! How have you been?? I write from the all new polished blog panel! yay!! 🙂 It is an amazing prospect that we have a blog now. We are going to post much amazing stuffs here and get in touch with you guys. We have so much to share!! 🙂 So.. first things first.. why...

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