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Why you should have control over your Google Business Listing

Google has been an integral part of our daily life, and we all use it in many ways. It has a wide range of products and services, but we will discuss only search and  Google business listing in this article. 

If you search for any restaurant near you, an atm near you, simply a Bhatbhateni nearby, some results should appear. If you search for the best digital marketing company in Nepal, we won’t be surprised if you find Gurkha Technology (give us a call to discuss the growth of your business). Anyways, Google automatically lists companies on its platform with the information collected from an array of contributors, such as local guides and other people who help in listing. So, Google’s Business Listing consists of a business location, opening hours, website, phone numbers, photos and videos, social media profile, reviews and ratings, and the latest updates from the business. This information helps people find and identify the company they are looking for and know more about them with the help of reviews and ratings, which are provided by other people who have been there, known them, or used their businesses. Sounds exciting and vital, right? If you feel the same, you know the value of google’s business listing; if not, you are missing a huge part of business growth in the digital space. 

Ok, the good thing is whether you know it or not, but Google already might have listed your business then why do you need to think more about it, and do you need to get verified and have control over it? Then the answer is, if you consider your online business listing as an asset and want to know more about your customer and also about your business, then you should get it verified and have control over your google business listing. If you want to get your Google business listing verified and want to know more, give us a call, we will help you.

Suppose you have control over your google business listing. In that case, you can access information such as how many times you have been searched on google with certain keywords over the period. You can also know how many people have used google map services to get to your business, what you are famous for, the number of phone calls you have received from listing and many more. Do go through the screenshots attached to know more. Also, you can update your information about your business instantly, such as a change in phone number, location, business operation hour, respond to the questions asked about your business, appreciate and respond to the reviews shared by people. Uff!! It sounds like so many features and insights, right? Now you might get eager to verify and control your google business listing. If you think so then the purpose of this article is met. Although it’s free to be verified, you might find the process of verification quite tricky, and if you don’t want to go through all the hassle, then with some money, we will do it for you.

Profile Information on Google Business Listing

Information section Google Business Listing

Photo quantity comparision on google business listing

Photo Quantity Comparison on Google Business Listing

Photo views insights on google business listing

Photo Quantity Insights on Google Business Listing

Where customers view your business on Google

Customer View Insights on Google Business Listing

Everyone searches for something every day, and if you match that search, you are the chosen one and above your competitor. I believe it is a powerful and free tool that is a crucial part of your business, we have also seen the explosion of tech adaptation during the Covid-19. This listing might help you way more than you have imagined, and who knows, this might be the only thing that has been missing in your business growth. Get listed, get verified!

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Bibek Neupane

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