A team of experts in digital marketing, brand building, and business consultation from land of the brave and home of the Gurkhas.

The success of our application venture inspired us to register and formally run an organization, Gurkha Technology. This is how we started. We came up with Kinmel, a free ad space and classified ads platform. We teamed up with Nepal’s first calendar and came up with digital version of the 126 years old legacy. We also partnered with Nepal’s most trusted and reputed Chartered Accountants and began a tax forum and a tax query platform.

Now we are 20 people, each one amazing at what they do and getting better at it everyday. We take pride in our team, and have strong belief in our abilities. After all, we are team Gurkha, all ideas are conquerable to us, and all feats possible.

At Gurkhatech, we are fond of having fun. Our idea of fun is helping people, visiting new places, playing futsal and eating. We have futsal matches every week where most of the team members eagerly participate. We organize outings once in a while to take a break from the city life and also try to incorporate public service in our outings. However, the thing that we like doing the most is to come to work, get to meet our colleagues and in every instance, try to make the world a better place.

Core Team

  1. Diwash Pandey, Managing Director
  2. Niroj Dev Pandey, ED – Strategy & Growth Markets
  3. Bibek Neupane, ED – Technical Services
  4. Sushil Ghaley, ED – Creative & Ecommerce
  5. Arjan K.C. ED – Business Development
  6. Krishna Guragai, ED – Web, App & Security
  7. Kapil Amagain, ED – Media
  8. Sudip Dhungel, ED
  9. Arjun Adhikary, Project Manager – Digital Marketing
  10. Prashant Pradhan, Creative Officer
  11. Saurabh Sharma, Ecommerce Officer
  12. Sameep Raj Bhandari Creative Officer
  13. Ashok Gaire, Mobile Developer
  14. Kumar Thapa, Admin Office
  15. Manish Silwal, Finance & Taxation Consultant
  16. Laxmi Thapa, Office Assistant
  17. Rusha Thapa, Project Associate, Jhalko.com
  18. Ruksha Shrestha,Project Associate, Digital Marketing


  1. Toyanath Patro Application
  2. Jhalko.com
  3. Nepaltaxonline.com
  4. Onlinepalika.com

Awards & recognition

Great things in business are never done by one person, They are done by a team of people. Over the years, with our innovative technology and our absolute focus on customer satisfaction, GurkhaTech has been recognized with a few awards of excellence. Here are some of the achievements so far,
ICT Top 10 Startup of the Year 2016 by ictaward.org supported by Nepal Government
Fbstart Awards for Toyanath Panchanga & Kinmel App by Facebook Inc.
Google Adwords Certification on various topics by Google Inc.
Facebook Blueprint Certification on various Digital Marketing Courses by Facebook