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Website Design and Social Media Management for Redmud Coffee

Website design and Social Media Marketing are among the services that we offer here at Gurkhatech. As a part of our digital branding and advertising services, Gurkha Technology was a part of Redmud Coffee‘s branding and social media campaigns. This blog article summarizes some of our works and recounts the memories of the wonderful journey that we undertook together.

Website creation and web hosting services

The task was challenging and exciting at the same time.
We were to design an exemplary user experience also keeping in mind mobile browsers and other handheld devices. The website consisted of a mix of custom elements and WordPress to make the vision a reality.

We took help of CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies to make the web application a possibility.

Restaurant menu animation

Animated restaurant trifold menu

Animated preloader for Redmud Coffee by Gurkha Technology

Animated preloader

Interactive homepage for Redmud Coffee by Gurkha Technology

Interactive Homepage

Mobile friendly website design
Responsive, user-friendly, modern website design

Overall Website Statistics

[box] 8,000+ Visits on the website.
An average session of more than 3 minutes.
2+ pages visited per session.
More than 30% returning users.
Less than 50% bounce rate.[/box]

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Facebook and Instagram Social Media Marketing

We helped Redmud Coffee manage its Facebook and Instagram accounts. The campaigns involved reaching finding new customers, reaching out old and loyal ones, also assisting in operations by spreading information about hiring and new offers at different outlets.

The post above depicts a promoted post that reached more than 40,000 people and was used to inform fans about the coffee shop’s outlet in Manang.

The above post was promoted and reached more than 45,000 people. It was designed to convey a new service introduced at one of the outlets.

The above post helped Redmud Coffee find talents for its new outlets and fill up vacancies.

Videos and other post formats were also promoted to achieve determined goals and objectives.

Overall Facebook and Instagram Statistics

[box] Increased page likes by 15,000. Video views generated 31,400. Increased followers on Instagram by 900+ Reached more than 300,000 people.[/box]

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