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The Most Visited Websites in Nepal (February 2024 Government websites)

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an essential tool for citizens to access information, services, and resources provided by the government. Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan country, is no exception to this trend. With the increasing internet penetration in Nepal, government websites have become crucial platforms for citizens to engage with various governmental departments and services. In this blog post, we will explore the most visited government websites in Nepal for the year 2024.

1. – Inland Revenue Department

The website of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) tops the list as the most visited government website in Nepal. This is not surprising given the importance of tax compliance for both individuals and businesses. The IRD website offers a range of services, including online tax payment, tax forms download, and information on tax regulations and policies.

2. – Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission (PSC) website holds the second position on our list. As one of the largest employers in Nepal, the PSC plays a crucial role in recruiting candidates for various government positions. The website serves as a primary portal for aspirants of public service to access exam notifications, application forms, and other relevant information.

3. – Financial Comptroller General Office

The Financial Comptroller General Office (FCGO) website ranks third in terms of popularity among Nepali citizens. The FCGO is responsible for overseeing financial management and budgetary control across government agencies. The website provides valuable resources, including financial reports, budget allocations, and guidelines for financial management.

4. – Department of Transport Management

In fourth place is the Department of Transport Management (DOTM) website. With the growing importance of transportation infrastructure and road safety in Nepal, the DOTM website offers services such as online vehicle registration, driving license renewal, and road transport information.

5. – Bagmati Province State Government

The Bagmati Province State Government website represents the provincial government of Bagmati, one of the seven provinces in Nepal. The website serves as a platform for citizens to access information about local government initiatives, policies, and services specific to the Bagmati Province.

6. – Nepal Police

The Nepal Police website is the official portal for the national police force of Nepal. It provides citizens with essential services like online FIR filing, crime reporting, and information on police operations and initiatives.

7. – Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Nepal’s website ranks seventh on our list. It serves as a central hub for accessing legal resources, court judgments, and information on the judicial system in Nepal.

8. – Medical Education Commission

The Medical Education Commission (MEC) website focuses on regulating and overseeing medical education and training in Nepal. It provides aspiring medical professionals and institutions with information on accreditation, curriculum guidelines, and licensing requirements.

9. – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Passports

Last but not least is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Passports website. As international travel becomes more accessible to Nepali citizens, the website offers services related to passport application, renewal, and visa information.

A Glimpse into Nepali Priorities

Interestingly, the data reveals an intriguing trend: Canada’s official website ( receives more visits from Nepal than Nepal’s own official government website ( This insight sheds light on the priorities and interests of Nepali citizens, indicating a significant interest in international opportunities, immigration, or perhaps even education and tourism in Canada.

The popularity of these government websites reflects the diverse needs and interests of Nepali citizens, ranging from tax compliance and public service employment to transportation and legal resources. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these platforms will play an increasingly pivotal role in fostering transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement with the government.

In a nutshell, the most visited government websites in Nepal for 2024 Februrary offer a snapshot of what matters most to the Nepali people, highlighting the government’s role in addressing these priorities through accessible and user-friendly digital platforms.

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