We’ve been with Nimbus Nepal since late 2016. Nimbus Nepal is one of the largest agro-business enterprises in Nepal.

We are helping Nimbus manage their digital communication channels and maintain their presence across digital platforms. During the course of our work, we have been able to leverage digital platforms to help Nimbus Nepal reach millions of people across South Asia where they operate.


Work details

During the initial stages of the campaign, we ran page likes promotion with the objective of reaching audiences and stakeholders that are connected to and likely to interact with Nimbus Nepal in the coming days.


The campaign gained 54K followers and has contributed towards increasing organic reach and helping the organization disseminate information on the go.


A campaign was run to brand Nimbus as a partnership run organization. The campaign was promoted to reach potential audience and stakeholders throughout the target group.

Periodic postings were done to showcase awards and recognitions received by the organization.


An ongoing campaign called #CelebratingArt was run throughout the year to show an artistic side of Nimbus with paintings and art created by renowned artists. This campaign was run for two years in a row, with the artwork also being used in their calendar and website.

Along with that, campaigns were run so as to ensure that the brand is active and engaging with its audience in day to day basis.

Along with handling Social Media for Nimbus Nepal, we also help them maintain their website and mobile app. This has helped us understand the brand and its values and helped us ensure that the brand is presented with consistency and aligning with their overall branding and promotion endeavors. Our technical team is looking after the website and mobile app of Nimbus. The coordination between technical team digital marketing team has ensured that Nimbus’s representation is consistent in all platforms and the brand guidelines are followed in accordance across all channels.

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Nimbus Nepal

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