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Posted by Gurkha Technology on Saturday, December 16, 2017

A strong Corporate Identity is essential for every business organisation. It helps in the interaction of the customers and the company. Customers can understand the business with the help of its Corporate Identity. Corporate Identity includes several supporting devices. Such as company letterhead, business cards, websites and so on. Corporate Identity creates a single & clear visual identity for an organisation. Building or developing a strong and effective Corporate Identity is more than a logo.

A company’s Corporate Identity helps in increasing the ownership and control as well. As the customers are now aware about the business & its services. They can understand the ownership criteria and control on the said organization. Company policies must be in line about the changing criteria. Corporations should also be able to integrate the new messages if any.

Bindu Hardware and Sanitary is Nepal’s largest multi-brand showroom. An appropriate corporate identity for its recognition is very important. The store is huge and contains products from a wide range of brands. It includes Kohler, Jaguar, and other big brands making it a luxury hardware store as well. The company also ships it’s orders all over Nepal through the process of home delivery. Services include 24 hours delivery within Kathmandu. Deliveries happen within 2 days all over Nepal. The company’s excellent customer service, has made it the top hardware store when it comes to quality.

Gurkha Technology helped design the corporate identity of the company. The most important thing that we have provided is the hoarding board design for the company. As this is the first thing customers see while entering any place of business is the display of identity. We were very careful while creating it. We designed the store front to represent the store’s variety and welcoming ambiance. This gives a good first impression and that is one of the driving factors for the company’s success.

We have also designed identity cards, pens, mugs, t-shirts, letterheads, caps and notebooks for Bindu Hardware. These designs help promote the brand to a greater audience. Proper corporate identity is important for a business if they want to succeed for a long period of time. Items like business cards can be exchanged with other like minded business persons that helps promote the goodwill of the company. And other items like pens, t-shirts, mugs and caps can be given as gifts and they can also be used to represent the organization in special events such as business tours and seminars. For a business to succeed in the long run, a proper corporate identity is absolutely necessary.

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