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Facebook Users In Nepal 2023 [INFOGRAPHIC]

infographics  The social networking site Facebook has around 5-6 million monthly active users in Nepal. Back in 2014 there were only 4.1 million Facebook users in Nepal. According to Facebook ads platform…

Source: Facebook Users In Nepal 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC] – Bibek’s Blog

Latest data of Facebook users in Nepal

Nepal’s social media landscape is quite diverse and growing steadily. As of 2023, Facebook is the country’s most popular social media platform, with a user base of approximately 12 million. This is a significant number considering the total population of Nepal is around 30.72 million. The growth of Facebook users in Nepal has been slower than other networks, but it’s still a dominant force, especially considering the high mobile device usage in the country.

Instagram and LinkedIn also have a presence in Nepal, with Instagram reaching 13.6% of the local internet user base and LinkedIn reaching 7.6%. While less prevalent, Twitter still has a presence, with its ad reach equivalent to 3.5% of the local internet user base.

However, it’s important to note that these platforms have age restrictions, limiting their user base to those aged 13 and above. This means the percentage of the “eligible” audience using these platforms is lower.

Regarding gender distribution, there’s a noticeable skew towards male users on platforms like Twitter, where 82% of the ad audience is male.

The growth of social media in Nepal is closely tied to the increasing internet penetration in the country. From just 13.3% of the population having internet access in 2013, the number rose significantly by 2020.

As a growth hacker, these insights can be leveraged to tailor social media strategies for the Nepalese market. For instance, focusing on mobile-friendly content for Facebook users or targeting the predominantly male audience on Twitter. It’s also crucial to keep an eye on emerging trends and shifts in user behavior to stay ahead of the curve.

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