Toyanath Patro Application – Android

Bikram Sambat Calendar Application

126 Year Legacy

Toyanath Patro is a legacy of 126 years that has been continued by Chaturbhuj Prakashan. Toyanath Patro is also known as ‘Toyanath Panchanga’ in its printed form, it is authentic Nepali Patro that has been accepted socially and culturally by Nepalese.


What’s included?

  • Nepali Patro (Nepali Calendar, BS Calendar),
  • Interactive display of events in chronological order,
  • Monthly and Yearly horoscope,
  • Saait for different events,
  • Date Converter (BS to AD and vice-versa),
  • Mantra for various auspicious occasions,
  • Dream Interpretation,
  • Calendar View of Toyanath Sajilo Patro in Nepali fonts,
  • Vastu Sastra,
  • BMI Calculator.

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