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Social Networks in Nepal

With the growth in internet penetration, Nepal has seen a rise in social network users. The social network users in Nepal are of increasing numbers exponentially and Nepal has its own social network startups too. Below we enumerate a few names in the social network platform in Nepal.

We won’t go into details into different international social hotshots like facebook and twitter.. we assume you are already accustomed to it.

  1. Meet
    Image result for meet nepal telecom
    The meet is Nepal Telecom’s brainchild, the most notable feature is that it allows its users to send SMS within its networks (we also tried ncell.. it worked) anyways.. besides that it seems pretty much useless. There is this file upload system where you can upload files. It can be used to discover and “meet” new people though because it appears that all posts and updates are public.
  2. NepalNepal.comNow not functional.
    This website was created to connect Nepali people from across the world. This website features an old design but still functions pretty neat. This website has thousands of Nepali users from across the globe.
    Image result for
    Meropost is probably the Nepali social network with the most number of users. Thousands of users flock this website and national networks such as Ujyalo 90 network, prime FM network support and endorse this site.
  4. Hamrobook
    Image result for hamrobook
    Hamrobook is a clone of Facebook, its interface mirrors facebook exactly and also users can “be friends”, “like”, “comment”, “share”.. basically everything that’s on Facebook is on hamrobook..  The only exciting feature is that it is in Nepali language too… but the thing is Facebook is in Nepali too!!

Did we miss something?? Do let us know in the comments.. do you use similar platforms??

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Arjan KC


  1. Most of them are not working and they are useless. the only Nepali social network that I found useful and interesting is https://ziwee .net why is it not mentioned here?

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