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Activating Nepal Airlines on Social Media

Boosting Airline Brand Presence: Gurkha Technology’s Success Story with Nepal Airlines

In the realm of digital marketing, Gurkha Technology takes pride in being a strategic partner to Nepal Airlines Corporation, the national flag carrier. With a profound understanding of the aviation industry, we embarked on a journey in mid-2016 to revolutionize Nepal Airlines’ social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This article delves into our success story, showcasing how our tailored solutions enabled Nepal Airlines to soar to new heights in terms of brand visibility, ticket sales, and passenger engagement.

Enhancing Social Profiles:

Gurkha Technology harnessed the power of social media to strengthen Nepal Airlines’ online presence. Through our expert guidance, the airline optimized its social profiles with engaging content, captivating visuals, and timely responses, fostering meaningful interactions with its audience.

Boosting Ticket Sales:

By leveraging our digital marketing expertise, we implemented strategic campaigns to drive ticket sales for both domestic and international flights. Our data-driven approach and targeted advertisements resulted in a remarkable 90% increase in passenger traffic compared to the previous year, firmly establishing Nepal Airlines among the top two carriers in Nepal.

Promoting Airline Services:

Nepal Airlines’ diverse range of services found an enthusiastic audience through our compelling social media promotions. We crafted tailored messages that showcased the airline’s offerings, unraveled the allure of travel destinations, and highlighted customer experiences, thereby expanding the airline’s reach in both local and global markets.

Driving Customer Engagement:

Our strategies fueled unprecedented customer engagement, turning followers into loyal advocates. From contests to interactive posts, we encouraged passengers to share their travel stories, creating an online community that resonated with the spirit of adventure and wanderlust.

Continuous Optimization:

At Gurkha Technology, we believe in relentless pursuit of excellence. Throughout our partnership, we regularly analyzed performance metrics, adapting our approach to optimize results. The amalgamation of creativity, analytics, and our unwavering commitment to Nepal Airlines’ growth culminated in a thriving digital presence.


The success of our journey with Nepal Airlines is a testament to the power of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy. By developing a strong online presence, increasing ticket sales, and creating lasting customer connections, we helped Nepal Airlines reach new heights in the competitive aviation industry. Gurkha Technology is committed to empowering businesses and industries with innovative solutions that will help them achieve unrivaled success in the digital landscape.
Our digital marketing strategy for Nepal Airlines focused on three key areas:

  • Brand awareness: We created a strong online presence for Nepal Airlines by developing a new website, launching a social media campaign, and running targeted online advertising.
  • Lead generation: We increased ticket sales by generating leads through our online marketing efforts. We then nurtured these leads through email marketing and other channels to convert them into customers.
  • Customer loyalty: We created lasting customer connections by providing excellent customer service and offering loyalty programs that rewarded customers for their business.

As a result of our digital marketing efforts, Nepal Airlines experienced significant growth in both brand awareness and ticket sales. The airline also saw a decrease in customer churn and an increase in customer satisfaction. We are proud of our partnership with Nepal Airlines and are confident that our digital marketing strategy will continue to help them achieve success in the years to come.

We helped the national flag carrier to maintain their social profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Started in mid-2016, we have been helping the national flag carrier get more tickets and promote its services across the social network in its destinations Nepal and abroad.


Nepal Airlines has been on the list of the top two carriers in Nepal in terms of flyer traffic, with an increase in the number of passengers 90% more than that of the last year.



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