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Logo for Chhaya center photos

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Chhaya center photos were used to reimagine the logo. In the ever-evolving world of design and branding, it becomes crucial for businesses to stay relevant and capture the essence of their identity. The Chhaya Center, a prominent indoor mall in Nepal, embarked on a transformative journey with Gurkha Technology to rework and revamp its logo. This blog post dives into the process, variations, and ultimate success of creating the current logo that beautifully represents the essence of the Chhaya Center.

A Fusion of Modernity and Iconic Architecture:

The Chhaya Center stands tall as a multi-faceted mega-complex, offering a wide array of retail stores, eateries, cinemas, corporate offices, banquet halls, and much more. Spread across a sprawling area of 86,000 sq ft; it embraces the concept of a “Thamel within Thamel.” With its iconic architecture and contemporary ambiance, the Chhaya Center attracts locals and tourists alike.

How Chhaya Center photos were used as inspiration:

Creating a logo that encapsulates the spirit of the Chhaya Center required a meticulous process. Gurkha Technology explored numerous variations, incorporating elements harmonizing with the building’s architectural design and vast offerings. After careful consideration and refinement, the final logo emerged, representing the Chhaya Center’s unique identity.

Embodying the Iconic Building:

The current Chhaya Center logo seamlessly integrates the silhouette of the iconic building, instantly recognizable to those familiar with the complex. This deliberate choice captures the essence of the Chhaya Center’s physical presence and acts as a visual anchor for its brand.

Thamel within Thamel:

The Chhaya Center has established itself as a microcosm of Thamel, a vibrant and bustling neighborhood in Nepal. The tagline “Thamel within Thamel” perfectly encapsulates the experience offered within the Chhaya Center’s walls. From upscale retail stores to multiplex theaters, from corporate offices to a five-star hotel, the Chhaya Center caters to diverse needs and aspirations.


The reworked and revamped logo of the Chhaya Center by Gurkha Technology signifies the successful marriage of modernity and iconic architecture. It embodies the multi-faceted offerings and vibrant atmosphere of this contemporary indoor mall. As the Chhaya Center continues to thrive, it stands as a testament to the power of strategic branding and design in creating an unforgettable experience.

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