Pizza delivery box is one of the things that we come across at least once a week here at Gurkha Technology. Of the many things that go unnoticed, good design is the most common one. It could actually be the aim of a design to be out of the way, and just get things done without being too prominent. Such list of things also includes pizza boxes, those that we just toss around, while we grab a piece.

The pizza box is an important element to the quality of a pizza. Also, one can not ignore the importance of presentation when it comes to food. The major element to keep in mind while designing a pizza box is, of course, the vents to allow steam to pass else that’s going to break moisture and the flavour of paper is going seep into the pizza

In the honor of our neighborhood pizza place, that bakes the most amazing pizzas in Nepal, we made these designs using their logo. Please bear in mind that these designs are done as a fan art and The Crust Pizza and Bread does not endorse any of these, the logo is their trademark and we do not own rights to it. You can visit them and try the great pizza here.

Let us know if you require us to help you with your design requirements.

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