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Gurkha Technology is leading player in the fields of Technology, Marketing and Designing. We are proud to present our concepts for the logo of ANFA. We have tried to represent the values of All Nepal Football Association. It also represents the blood, sweat and passion of many players that have had the honor of being in the team.

We made two proposed designs for All Nepal Football Association’s logo:

The different variations for the proposed All Nepal Football Association ANFA logo are as follows:

Nepali National Football Team logo

Embroidered logo for Nepali National Football Team to go along with the jersey.

Our design for the logo embodies the spirit of the three distinctive regions of Nepal. Himal, Pahad and Terai regions are in the logo. It also represents our unity in diversity, that while we are different and unique, we all are one.

Nepali National Team Proposed Home Kit

The Home Kit design for Nepal National Football Team has the color red. It symbolizes the bravery of Nepalese people. It also symbolizes the fact that we give our blood, sweat and energy to win the game that we are so passionate about.

Nepali National Team Proposed Away Kit

Our away kit design, is royal blue in color. It symbolizes the rich royal history of the country. It is a tribute to the brave warriors and kings that have fought in the past for the nation. The blue color also symbolizes the fact Nepal is the 2nd richest country in water resources.

What do you think of our proposed designs? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nepal National Football team and All Nepal Football Association proposed logo design

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