It has been an immense honor for us at Gurkha Technology to provide the logo and business cards for King’s Lounge. The logo that we designed tells a unique story that displays the value, vibes and ambiance of King’s Lounge. On the top, is a Royal Coat of Arms with a couch. When you step into King’s Lounge, the royal ambiance resembling a king’s banquet hall welcomes you. The couch symbolizes the throne and the King’s Lounge main hall symbolizes a throne room fit for a king. Moving onto the letters, The ‘I’ in King’s is a scepter, a powerful symbol of royalty. King’s Lounge is sure to make a huge impact on the Nepalese clubbing scene.

Kings Lounge Final Logo

Proposed Business Card for Kings Lounge

Proposed Business Card Front For Kings Lounge

Kings Lounge Banner for store front

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King’s Lounge Logo Design

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