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Helping the national carrier reach more people

Nepal Airlines Corporation has been one of Gurkha Technology’s prized clients. The national carrier has been our ally since mid-2016. We assisted them to find travelers who were willing to travel to Nepal from Dubai. The ad campaigns were run in Dubai to boost ticket sales for the region. Also, campaigns were run in Nepal to encourage people to choose the national carrier.

The campaigns consisted of posts promoting the promotional fares:

Also, videos were boosted so as to get more views. These ad campaigns were very successful and reached an
amazing number of people. Also, the page was managed, and we helped to handle the immense responses
and engagement.
Nepal Airlines has been able to be on the list of the top two carries in Nepal in terms of flyer traffic. With an increase of in the number of passengers 90% more than that of the last year.

Overall Facebook Statistics

[box] Increased page likes by 48,963. Video views generated 50,000. Reached more than 1,000,000 people across the world. 40% engagement rate. [/box]

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