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Graphic Design Trends to Look Out for

Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For

Graphic design is everywhere: it’s the face of the internet, the branding of the products and services around us, and it helps guide us through the world we live in. As technology advances, consumer wants and trends shift and change. As such, graphic design must evolve as well.

Here are some of the most exciting graphic design trends to look out for in this new year:

Retro and Vintage

Retro-styled designs draw from the past but with a modern twist. This can be seen in logos, typefaces and more. The power of nostalgia is strong and modern technologies give us the tools to bring those classic designs back in a new light.

3-D Design Elements

Advanced 3-D elements can take any design and make it more immersive. They add depth, dimensions, and life to a design—even though they may be simpler shapes or subtle outlines. We’re expecting to see plenty of 3-D design elements used in projects this year.

Experimental Typefaces

Typography is one of the most powerful aspects of graphic design. With the right typeface, you can convey emotion and set the tone for a design. This year, many designers will opt for more experimental typefaces than ever before. Many of these typefaces are designed in such a way that they are both stylish and very legible.

Bright Palettes

Bright colors are in. We expect to see a wide range of colors and palettes used for graphic design projects this year. Many projects will feature bright, vibrant colors that demand the attention of the audience. This can go hand in hand with retro-style designs and experimental typefaces, creating thoughtful, bold designs.

Isometric Design

Isometric design is an interesting type of graphic design–it often has a 3-dimensional feel, but it is not as immersive or as complex as 3-D design elements. Isometric design has been around for years, but it has recently undergone a resurgence among graphical design trends. Isometric design is a great way to add dimension and life to an otherwise flat design.


Graphic design trends continue to evolve with technology. Whether it’s bringing back classic designs with modern twists, utilizing advanced 3-D elements, experimenting with typefaces, utilizing bright and vibrant colors, or exploring isometric designs–there are plenty of exciting graphic design trends to look out for this year.

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