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Download and Understand the Constitution of Nepal 2072: A Comprehensive Guide

You can download the constitution of Nepal by clicking this link.

The Constitution of Nepal, a pivotal document that outlines the nation’s fundamental political code, principles, powers, and duties of government institutions, and citizens’ fundamental rights and duties, is available for download on our website. This blog post aims to provide a deeper understanding of the Constitution of Nepal 2072, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

How Many Constitutions Were There in Nepal?

Nepal has had seven constitutions throughout its history, including the current one, the Constitution of Nepal 2072. The journey toward the current constitution has been long and complex, reflecting the nation’s tumultuous political history and ongoing efforts to establish a stable and inclusive democratic system.

What Are the 31 Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of Nepal?

The Constitution of Nepal 2072 guarantees 31 fundamental rights to its citizens. These rights range from the right to equality, freedom of expression and thought, education and cultural rights, employment, and social security, and the right against torture, among others. These rights are designed to ensure all citizens’ dignity, freedom, and well-being and promote social justice and equality.

What is the Constitution of Nepal Part 11?

Part 11 of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 deals with the duties, rights, and procedures of the Federal Parliament. It outlines the composition of the House of Representatives and the National Assembly, their respective powers and functions, and the procedures for conducting parliamentary business. This part of the constitution is crucial for understanding how Nepal’s legislative branch operates and how laws are made in the country.

When Was the Constitution of Nepal Formed?

The current Constitution of Nepal was promulgated on September 20, 2015, corresponding to the Nepali date of Ashoj 3, 2072. This constitution, which replaced the Interim Constitution 2007, marked the culmination of a decade-long peace process and established Nepal as a federal democratic republic.

Click this link to download the Constitution of Nepal 2072 and learn more about its provisions. The constitution is critical to understanding Nepal’s political, social, and legal fabric. It provides insights into the country’s governance structure, the rights and duties of citizens, and the guiding principles of the nation’s public administration.

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