Types of notifications in Android

by Gurkha Admin • March 15, 2018

Types of Notifications in Android Notifications on Android Platform Notifications allow displaying information outside of the normal UI of an app. Any notification first appears as an app icon in the notifications area. The details of a notification can be viewed by the user by opening the notification drawer. The notification area and notification drawer […]

Using analytics to increase app engagement

by Arjan KC • August 25, 2017

Using analytics to increase app engagement means to utilize data to make proper decisions. User behavior statistics can help make decisions regarding the app design and features. This allows to make data driven decisions and helps to predict future outcomes with improved accuracy. Advantages of having user tracking analytics Some of the advantages of having […]

What is new in iOS 11?

by Arjan KC • July 26, 2017

WWDC 2017 has brought a whole lot of new possibilities for the apple ecosystem. A massive collections of powerful features like ARKit, PDFKit, MusicKit, drag and drop controller and much more are announced. iOS 11 has introduced complex functionalities those not all app developers should avoid at all.   ARKit: Augmentged Reality has been around […]

Getting the seat belts tight for Toyanath Patro iOS application

by Arjan KC • March 19, 2016

Toyanath Panchanga has been one of the leading calendars in Nepal since 126 years now. We are working on it’s iOS version in these recent days. We have drafts of some initial views in the application. The design part is yet to be implemented in the application. The programming language used to write this application […]