Friends of the national park : Shivapuri Nagarjun

by Arjan KC • May 3, 2017

Shivapuri National Park was waiting for us. It was a perfect plan to start the year, a hike to chisapani from Sundarijal. Our team was pumped up from weeks before. We were all excited to be on an adventure, the forest, wildlife, nature! wow! As the big day was dawning upon us we got all […]

Download Constitution of Nepal 2072

by Arjan KC • September 20, 2015

You can download the constitution of Nepal by clicking this link.

Being Deaf in Nepal

by Arjan KC • July 30, 2015

Different organizations have been working on aiding deaf people on Nepal. This report highlights a few of them and addresses what can be done to ease the lives of deaf people, here and elsewhere. This report was created at Gurkha Technologies by Arjan KC, compiled from articles across the internet. Please feel free to query […]