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Nepal National Football Team Logo and All Nepal Football Association Logo (proposed)

All Nepal Football Association Logo Competition and our submission

Football is also known as a beautiful game. Football’s entry and initial start-up came in Nepal during the Rana regime in 1921. It came into being by youngsters who had learned how to play by visiting abroad. The first game held in Nepal had a large audience. Narayan Narshingh Rana of Thamel and Chandrajung Thapa of Naxal are pioneers.

Due to the intense passion for the game, football fields for the existing teams at the time were there. The first football fields in Nepal were in palaces and army barracks. Mrigendra Shamsher Niwas Babarmahal, Mahabir Niwas Tangal Palace had grounds. Also, Nar Shamsher Niwas Singhdarbar and Rudra Shamsher Niwas Bahadur Bhavan had grounds. Along with that, Thamel Narsingh camp also had a football ground. During the 1930s, both local and palace teams used the same grounds, Singhdarbar, Chhauni, Gaucharan, Jawalakhel, and Lainchaur, for playing football. These crucial moments at the beginning of Nepalese Football have taken the game where it is today.

All Nepal Football Association ANFA

After All Nepal Football Association (1951), football popularity rose even more in Nepal. Nepalese Football has attempted to move forward in developing the sport. In 1972, ANFA affiliated itself with FIFA. Since then, Nepal has tried to secure a high position in International Football. The game has taught Nepalese people about confidence, patience, and hard work. It has also inspired countless kids nationwide to pick up the ball and pursue their dreams.

What is the home and away kit in Football?

It is also well known that players’ football kit plays a vital role in the game. The kit symbolizes the heart and soul of the team. It also shows the unity of the teammates and all others involved in the team. That is why home and away kits were introduced in the first place. The home kit symbolizes the primary color of the team. At the same time, the away kit symbolizes the strength and resilience of the team while away from home. This is very important during the sporting event. While hosting home games, the home team usually wears its traditional or national colors. These colors show pride, determination, and confidence in the country.

Our Proposed logo and home/away kits for football in Nepal

Gurkha Technology is a leading player in Technology, Marketing, and Designing. We are proud to present our concepts for the logo of ANFA. We also have designs of home and away kits for the Nepali national football team. We have tried to represent the values of the All Nepal Football Association. It also represents the blood, sweat, and passion of many players with the honor of being on the team. Our design for the logo embodies the spirit of the three distinctive regions of Nepal. Himal, Pahad, and Terai regions are in the logo. It also represents our unity in diversity, that while we are different and unique, we all are one.

ANFA logo proposed Embroidered Logo Nepal National Team e1687269319370

national team jersey homeNow, coming to our designs for the kits, we have envisioned an exceptional design for the National Team. The Home Kit design for Nepal National Football Team has the color red. It symbolizes the bravery of the Nepalese people. It also symbolizes that we give our blood, sweat, and energy to win the game we are so passionate about.

Likewise, our away kit design is royal blue.

It symbolizes the rich royal history of thenational team jersey away country. It is a tribute to the brave warriors and kings that have fought in the past for the nation. The blue color also symbolizes that Nepal is the 2nd richest country in water resources.

The Nepal National Football Team can make it to the FIFA World Cup and even win it.

What do you think of our designs? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, you can view these images in our portfolio. Please note that this is just a proposed logo, not the official one, so please visit the official site here.

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