Being Deaf in Nepal and organizations that can help

by Arjan KC • July 30, 2015

Different organizations have been working on aiding deaf people

Design process: A fluid and flexible workflow

by Arjan KC • July 15, 2015

It is very important for workflow to be clearly defined. A streamlined workflow not only saves a lot of precious time, but also allows to quickly identify flaws if any and provides an organized way to ensure the project’s needs are properly addressed. Design is a solution through a strategic and creative process. A properly […]

Social Networks in Nepal

by Arjan KC • July 7, 2015

With the growth in internet penetration, Nepal has seen a rise in social network users. The social network users in Nepal are of increasing numbers exponentially and Nepal has its own social network startups too. Below we enumerate a few names in the social network platform in Nepal. We won’t go into details into different […]

Boost up your social performance using these free tools

by Arjan KC • July 5, 2015

Social media management can be a daunting task, specially for those who are new to the social network and those who are just starting their businesses. As difficult as it is, it is equally important too!! A business can benefit a lot from social media marketing. Including but not limited to increasing brand awareness, customer […]

Guess what?? We have a blog now!!

by Arjan KC • July 3, 2015

Hey! How have you been?? I write from the all new polished blog panel! yay!! 🙂 It is an amazing prospect that we have a blog now. We are going to post much amazing stuffs here and get in touch with you guys. We have so much to share!! 🙂 So.. first things first.. why […]