Being Deaf in Nepal

by Arjan KC • July 30, 2015

Different organizations have been working on aiding deaf people on Nepal. This report highlights a few of them and addresses what can be done to ease the lives of deaf people, here and elsewhere. This report was created at Gurkha Technologies by Arjan KC, compiled from articles across the internet. Please feel free to query […]

Design process: A fluid and flexible workflow

by Arjan KC • July 15, 2015

It is very important for workflow to be clearly defined. A streamlined workflow not only saves a lot of precious time, but also allows to quickly identify flaws if any and provides an organized way to ensure the project’s needs are properly addressed. Design is a solution through a strategic and creative process. A properly […]

Social Networks in Nepal

by Arjan KC • July 7, 2015

With the growth in internet penetration, Nepal has seen a rise in social network users. The social network users in Nepal are of increasing numbers exponentially and Nepal has its own social network startups too. Below we enumerate a few names in the social network platform in Nepal. We won’t go into details into different […]

Boost up your social performance using these free tools

by Arjan KC • July 5, 2015

Social media management can be a daunting task, specially for those who are new to the social network and those who are just starting their businesses. As difficult as it is, it is equally important too!! A business can benefit a lot from social media marketing. Including but not limited to increasing brand awareness, customer […]

Guess what?? We have a blog now!!

by Arjan KC • July 3, 2015

Hey! How have you been?? I write from the all new polished blog panel! yay!! 🙂 It is an amazing prospect that we have a blog now. We are going to post much amazing stuffs here and get in touch with you guys. We have so much to share!! 🙂 So.. first things first.. why […]